Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

To ‘have a roof over your head’, is something we all feel grateful for, but also take a little for granted. As we go about our lives in our homes and workspaces, we don’t give a lot of thought to what is going on just above us. It might not always be easy to see, but it is likely that all sorts of mosses and moulds are growing on your roof right now, not to mention general dirt and contaminants that build up over time. Enhance the appearance of your roof and help it last longer with a professional clean from the roof cleaning experts at Alexandria Pressure Washing. Our highly-effective methods don’t cause any damage to the underlying shingles and our rates are very affordable.

The problem

Ever notice those black streaks on rooftops? That’s caused by a kind of algae that thrives on tiles and shingles. This alga holds onto water, which then creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Rain comes along and spreads all of this down the roof, causing those ugly, black streaks. But it isn’t just the appearance of your roof that is affected. By trapping water, algae start to slowly damage your roof because it never gets a chance to fully dry out.

And algae aren’t the only thing up there. Dirt and grime caused by bird-droppings and air smog as well as moss and lichen all build up over time, ruining your roofs appearance and causing damage.

The solution

A professional roof clean using a skilled operator and state-of-the art equipment can remove all of these contaminants, revitalising your roof and helping it last longer. Roofs are not cheap to repair and so a professional and complete clean now can save you money and trouble later. At Alexandria Pressure Washing we use only the best equipment and products to gently yet very effectively clean your roof.

The Easier Option

When it comes time for a home’s roof to be cleaned, some people choose to attempt to do it themselves, believing they will save money, however a lot of the time it ends in an expensive disaster! First there is the cost and hassle of hiring the cleaning equipment, as well as the time and expense driving across town to pick it up. Without the benefit of experience, many homeowners misguidedly use too high a pressure on their roof, causing costly damage to the shingles. Suddenly, saving a few dollars doing it yourself gets very expensive.

At Alexandria Pressure Washing was have been washing roofs for years. We expertly assess your roof and apply just the right amount of water pressure that protects your roof as it cleans giving your home’s roof a superior and long-lasting clean.

The Safer Option

As well as the risk of damaging your roof there is also the real danger of falls or accidents. Unlike an average homeowner, all of our operators are trained and experienced in working on roofs and comply with strict safety standards. Don’t put yourself in danger needlessly in an attempt to get your roof cleaned cheaply, only to come up with inferior results anyway. Let one of our experienced team members take care of it for you.


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