Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

For many people, their deck is their favourite part of their home. Starting the day sipping a coffee outside on a warm, spring morning, or having everyone around for a barbecue on balmy summer’s evening, your home’s deck really is the perfect place to gather with the people you love and really make the most of good weather. If your deck is your favourite “room”, in your home, make sure you take care of it with a quality, professional pressure wash from us at Alexandria Pressure Washing. Dirt, grime and mildew tend to build up on decks and because they are built level to the ground water doesn’t drain away so easily. This makes cleaning your deck, and keeping it that way, all the more difficult. When you need deck cleaning call us, and one of our friendly, professional operators will get the job done with our pressure washing system, obliterating dirt and grime while ensuring the deck itself remains protected.

Get your Deck Back to its Best

Leaves and dirt can make your deck looks messy, and over time small particles start to build up in those small cracks and crevices. A broom can keep things looking tidy in the short term, but it to really obliterate years of dirt and grime you need something more. A super-effective clean using our state-of-the-art pressure washer will have your deck looking back to new. If you love your deck, you are going to really love how it looks after a visit from one of our friendly operators.

Restaurants and Bars

When the weather is right, eating outdoors is hugely popular. An outdoor decking area for your customers is a great asset to any restaurant or bar but with foot-traffic as well as food and drinks falling on the ground, your deck can take quite a beating. Don’t let a drab looking deck drag down the look of your outdoor eating area. Contact us at Alexandria Pressure Washing for a professional and thorough yet very affordable clean that’ll have your deck customer-ready in no time.

Protect Your Investment

Cleaning your deck with a professional pressure washing service does more than just get it looking great, it also helps your deck last. All that build-up of dirt and grime slowly starts to damage the woodwork and underlying structure. Algae and mildew can start to form, not only damaging your deck, but becoming a possible health hazard as well.

A professional clean performed by one of our skilled operators gets rid of all these contaminants and little nasties helping protect your deck so you can enjoy it for longer.

We make it easy

With our help cleaning your deck can be one less chore to worry about. We’ll take care of everything, so you can take it easy. We not only give your deck a superior clean, we also take care of moving your outdoor furniture and we put it back just as it was. Your outdoor furniture is just as exposed to the elements as your deck is, so if you like, we can use our pressure washing system to clean up most types of outdoor furniture as well.

The whole process is surprisingly fast and very effective. Contact us today with your enquires and find out just how affordable it is to get your deck cleaned with the power of pressure washing.


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