Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Let’s face it, no-one gets excited about concrete cleaning. It is a difficult and time-consuming chore that is easy to let slip down the list of priorities. Grime, dirt, oil and mould all accumulate on concreted areas over time affecting the overall look. These contaminants start to build up in the porous surface of concrete and this can also begin to affect the structural integrity. Don’t try and tackle cleaning your concrete yourself. Contact us and one of our operators will give your concrete a powerful and super-effective clean with our pressure washer system, at a very affordable price.

Home Concreting

Concreted areas at home are constantly exposed to the elements. Spilt food, bird-droppings, pets and your family’s foot-traffic cause a build-up of dirt and contaminants which leave your concreted area looking dirty and drab. As well as the look of your concrete, the porous surface of concrete makes an ideal hiding place for mould and bacteria. Revitalise your home’s concreted area and get rid of nasty contaminants with an exceptional pressure washing service from one of our team.

Patio cleaning, pool areas and home driveway cleaning can all be tackled with our state-of-the-art equipment improving the look and adding value to your home.

Retail and Commercial

If you have a store or other commercial enterprise that receives customers and clients, you want your business premises to make a good impression. Maintaining concreted areas can sometimes fall by the wayside and stained and drab concrete areas can really drag down the whole image of your business. Our dynamic pressure washing processes gets deep into the pours and cracks in concrete removing even stubborn stains and debris in a way that a broom or D.IY. cleaning job just can’t, really improving the look of your concreted areas.

Contact us at Alexandria Pressure Washing to find out how we can freshen up your business sidewalk or remove weeds, oil stains and other contaminants from your parking-lot. Whatever your concrete cleaning needs, our efficient staff can help, with a minimum of fuss for your business


If you run a factory or industrial plant, keeping your concrete looking great might not be your first priority. It is not just the appearance of concrete that improves with a professional, industrial strength pressure wash however. Debris and contaminants such as oil and grime work their way into the pours and cracks of concrete, eventually affecting the structural integrity. Whatever age or condition your site’s concrete is in, our power washing service can extend its life-span, saving you money over time.

Factory and warehouse floors, dumpster pads, industrial drive-ways, in fact any concreted area at your industrial operation can benefit from a dynamic and effective power wash provided by one of our professional team members.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalks sure take a beating. Endless foot traffic, bicycles, gum, graffiti, pet urine, car fumes and oil – it’s no wonder they wind up looking so dirty. A powerful concrete clean using our state-of-the art pressure cleaning equipment can remove dirt, grime and mould and do wonders for sidewalks, really lifting the look of the whole street.

We are fully insured and our experienced operators work with local government requirements ensuring that our sidewalk cleaning service remains compliant with city regulations and public safety is our first priority.


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