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The exteriors of buildings are faced with a never-ending assault from the elements. Dirt and grime as well as mould, mildew and bacteria all build up on sidings, roofs and out-door areas over time. This can not only leave your home or business looking drab and unkept, it can also start to damage the underlying surfaces and structures leading to costly repairs or replacement down the track. If your home or business premises is starting to look dirty and worn or your drive-way stained and grubby, we can quickly and very effectively remove years of contaminant build-up through utilizing the power of pressurised water.

This technique produces remarkable results on all sorts of exterior surfaces and has a wide variety of use including decks, patios, sidings, roofs, and concreted areas. Gum, graffiti, stubborn stains and algae can all be blasted and washed away leaving exteriors looking like new and delighting our customers with the results.

We are a locally-established business and have helped thousands of home and business owners bring their building’s exteriors back to life. At Alexandria Pressure Washing we give our customers a first-rate service every time, meticulously cleaning every inch with skill and close attention to detail We stand out from our competitors because of our absolute dedication to customer satisfaction, our high-standards of training, affordability and friendly service. When your exteriors or outdoor area need a clean, call us first and find out why our reputation for high-quality service and results are unapparelled.


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