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    Building exteriors and outdoor areas are constantly exposed to the elements and over time, dirt, grime, algae and other contaminants build up, dulling the appearance as well as causing structural damage. Does your home’s exterior look like it could do with a scrub? Deck looking old and worn? Maybe the exterior of your retail business is starting to look grubby and not as inviting as it once did. Using the power of pressurised water, we can obliterate years of contaminant build-up on a wide range of surfaces, leaving them looking like new again.

    This super effective cleaning technique is appropriate for all sorts of building exteriors and outdoor areas including home sidings and roofs, decks, patios, all types of concreted areas and the exterior of commercial premises. Stubborn stains, gum, moulds and algae are no match for our pressure and power washing methods and we have revitalised thousands of homes and businesses all over Alexandria, delighting our customers with the results.

    About Us

    At Alexandria Pressure Washing we are a locally established business offering a first-rate building exterior and outdoor area cleaning service. All of our operators are highly-trained and experienced and we pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability. We have a genuine commitment to customer service and our track record demonstrates this, with many home-owners, property managers and business owners all over Alexandria using our service as their first-choice when their property needs to be washed and cleaned.

    Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing is a powerful cleaning technique using the immense power of highly-pressurised water to blast away dirt, mildew and other contaminants. Available for use on most hard surfaces, pressure washing is a safe, fast and effective cleaning method that can remove even the most stubborn stains. If your home, building or outdoor area needs a freshen-up, pressure washing can remove years of built up dirt and grime with excellent results.

    Power Washing

    Quickly break down and wash away years of grime and contaminants with our very effective power washing service. Similar to pressure washing, power washing uses hot water blasted at high-pressure to create a cleaning method that gives first-rate results. Eco-friendly and suitable for a wide-range of outdoor surfaces, power washing can revitalise buildings and outdoor areas of all types.

    Deck Cleaning

    Decks are wonderful places to get together with friends and family and make the most of a beautiful day or warm evening. If you love your deck you are going to love how it looks after a professional deck cleaning using our state-of-the art pressure washing system. A deep clean using a pressure washer not only makes your deck look great, by blasting away grime, algae and contaminants it helps your deck last longer as well.

    Siding Cleaning

    The exterior of our homes and other buildings receive a never-ending assault from the elements and all sorts of dirt, grime, mould and bird-droppings can start to build up on sidings, making them look dull an old. It might have taken years for all those contaminants to build-up on your sidings, but using the power of pressurised water we can have your sidings cleaned and looking new in no time, and the results of our siding cleaning service are really remarkable.

    Roof Cleaning

    Just above our heads, all sorts of things are building up on rooftops. Mosses and mildew is thriving and dirt and grime are building up affecting the appearance of roofs. It is not just appearance that is affected. Mildew, algae and general debris and contaminants build up over time and damage shingles and tiles. To avoid costly repairs later, it is important to have your roof thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Our team are the experts in roof cleaning, and can clean any design on both residential and commercial buildings safely and very effectively without causing damage to shingles or tiles.

    Concrete Washing

    Whatever age or condition your concrete is in, a powerful pressure washing service can remove even the deepest grime and most stubborn stains and totally refresh your concreted areas. Over time, dirt and contaminants work their way into the pours of concrete, affecting the structural integrity. A professional and powerful clean using our state-of-the art technology not only improves the look of your concrete, it can extend its life-span as well. Servicing both homes and businesses, contact us today to find out what our dynamic pressure washing service can do for your concreted area.

    Contact Us For More Information

    Our range of pressure washing and cleaning services can suit almost any building or outdoor cleaning need. Remove dirt, grime and mildew and refresh your home, work premises or other outdoor area with a highly-effective pressure clean from one of our expert team members. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements. Our staff are there to help and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective our services are. Head over to our contacts page for more information.

    “We recently used Alexandria Pressure Washing to clean our deck and we just couldn’t believe our eyes when it was done. We had friends around for a barbecue that weekend and everyone was asking if we’d had a new deck put it. Would recommend to anyone.”

    “When I took over a café that had been mismanaged I was horrified at how dirty the previous owner had let the place become. Alexandria Pressure Washing came in and they did an amazing job turning things around for us. The entire exterior as well as our parking lot was cleaned and I couldn’t believe how good it came up. The guy that did it was friendly and worked fast and the price was great too.”

    “I manage an apartment building and I always use Alexandria Pressure Washing when the exterior needs a clean. Their prices are fair, they get the job done fast and I know they don’t cut any corners because wherever they have washed the outside it always looks great. They really go above and beyond to do a fine job.”